Scott Mack, CEO, joined IntegriCo Composites as CEO on July 31st, 2013.  Scott previously served as President of ArmorStruxx International Group, a leading composites materials design and manufacturing company directly serving the Department of Defense as well as numerous military vehicle manufacturers such as Navistar International, General Dynamics and BAE Systems.  Scott joined ArmorStruxx in 2006 as the Vice President of Business Development and helped grow the company from a start-up operation  into a $125M Company in 18 months. Prior to his tenure with ArmorStruxx, Scott held a variety of positions at Labock Technologies of South Florida, departing his role as Vice President of Business Development, Sales and Operations to join ArmorStruxx. Prior to his commercial experiences in Defense and Composite Materials, Scott retired from the United States Marine Corps where he served in a variety of armor, procurement, program management and weapons testing positions both in the United States and overseas. Scott is a graduate of the United States Naval Academy, and also possesses a Master’s degree in Operations Research from the Unites States Naval Postgraduate School.

Scott Moe, Vice President of Business Development, joined IntegriCo Composites in July of 2015. Scott brings 17 successful years of experience in the wholesale lumber business. Scott was responsible for executing large volume orders for import/export and domestically. While working for Atlas Trading International, Scott formed and managed a very successful Government Contracting Division in 2009. Discovering a need within Government contracting for composite railroad ties in 2010, Scott was successful in securing many multimillion dollar Government contracts supplying IntegriTies™ as well as fulfilling a 3-year 75,000 units order. IntegriTies™, was one of many products that Scott sold to the Government. Scott earned his BS from Portland State University in Advertising Management and Marketing.

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