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How long do IntegriTies™ last?
While the useful life of all ties depends on operating conditions, IntegriCo’s composite railroad ties are expected to last 50+ years. IntegriTies™ resist moisture, insects, plate cut, caustic environments, and can absorb enormous loading.

Do IntegriTies™ cost more than wood?
Initial cost of IntegriTies™ usually higher than wood while the long term total cost of ownership is often lower. IntegriCo’s composite railroad ties are engineered to last much longer and meet higher performance requirements that wood and other materials cannot match. With performance, installation and new tie purchase costs factored in, IntegriTies™ are  a much lower cost alternative.

Can IntegriTies™ be interspersed with wood ties?
Yes. IntegriTies™ can be interspersed with wood ties to extend the life of the track and remaining wood ties.

Can IntegriTies™ be installed with the same equipment and as wood ties?
Yes. IntegriTies™ can be installed with the same mechanical equipment used for wood ties.

Are there any environmental issues with IntegriTies™?
No. IntegriTies™ are made from 100% recycled materials and have no risk of leaching hazardous substances into the ground water and have a benign effect on the environment. Additionally, they dampen sound and vibration to reduce noise pollution.

How long have composite ties been in use?
Over 1 million composite ties have been installed in North America where they have been in use for over a decade.

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